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Meet the new bottle feeding team

Summer 2018 we have eight new lambs who will be joining our lambs in our 11.30 and 3 pm feeding s...

Horses at Court Farm


From the biggest of Shire Horses to the smallest of Shetlands

We have lots of horses and ponies on the farm. Our favourite is our retired racehorse Mossy Bell and our smallest is Lucy the miniature shetland. We have Fergie the shire horse, Trigger, George and Billy to give you rides in the summer months together with Jolly, Misty and Kelly the naughty shetlands.

This summer we also hope to have some foals on show - Watch our Latest news section for latest details.

We ask you very kindly not to feed our horses as some of them are on special diets and it can encourage them to bite children (whether they deserve it or not). 


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Birthday Parties

Yes mums - instead of a house full of screaming kids, bring them to the farm and be a bit less stressed

We will provide chairs, tables and tablecloths and the venue- you provide the party food 


Go on Safari

Travel around the farm in style !

A firm favourite with younger kids. Its also a good chance to chat with Farmers Ed and Peter as they drive you around the farm