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Meet the new bottle feeding team

Summer 2019 Join us at 11am daily for our milking show . Watch our New Jersey cow up close...

Meet the new bottle feeding team

Summer 2019


Join us at 11am daily for our milking show . Watch our New Jersey cow up close. 

we have four new lambs who will be joining our bottlefeeding team in our 11.30 and 3 pm feeding sessions. We hope to be getting new baby goats mid to late April.

Our milking cow Jodie has recently arrived and is getting used to being milked in front of our visitors




 Sooty and Sweep

Farmers ed and Peter have had greet fun this week helping Sooty and Sweep film an episode for their new series which will starting this September. For photos have a look on our Facebook page 


Lambing Live this half term.

Join Farmer Ed in the animal barns this feb to see and learn about the farms new arrivals. We have 130 pedigree texel lambs due during this month ( they were scanned after christmas) which can be born anytime of the day or night. You might be lucky enough to see some born.

 New Calves

 We have started calving this year with four red rubies so far. Our most recent calf is Wolvershill Veronica 4th who is on show in the animal barn. She is the first calf sired by our new bull Bongalabi (Bruce for short) so we are especially please to have got a heifer. Our Milking cow, Jordan has recently calved with a lovely bull calf  who is also on show.


Mist starts her Training









After a lot of thought, Farmer Ed has decided to keep Mist pictured here last summer.All the other eight pups went to brilliant working homes. Now seven months old, Mist has started her training and is very keen with sheep. We have placed small groups of last years ewe lambs in different paddocks around the farm so Farmer Ed can give her short training sessions. Although she has already been introduced to sheep it has always been with her mother Sky watching over her. Now its time for Mist to learn the basic moves of Come Bye and Away.  Her first session was okay with Mist circling the sheep well and being fully focused on her work. The sheep however were not so happy. Hopefully, the sheep will learn to stick close to Farmer Ed to make things a lot easier.


Sky the sheepdog has had her Puppies

On July 16 2010 Sky gave birth to an amazing Nine puppies in the early hours of the morning. She had them with no assistance at all and both Sky and the pups are all healthy. The puppies will begin to be on show in the anaimal barn in a couple of weeks. Sky's partner is a tricolour collie called Eyrie Rock who has appeared in the world sheepdog finals and has been on the English National team for a number of years. All her pups will hopefully go on to be working sheepdogs.skys_puppies_001



The Pups at Two weeks old

 July 31st - the pups have all opened their eyes now and are beginning to jump out of their box in Farmer Ed's pick up truck on their way up to the farm each morning. Sky is back to work doing all the summer sheep jobs. Her routine is now a mixture of rounding up sheep and feeding a pack of hungry puppies. I think she prefers the sheep.




Sky goes swimming

  After a busy day looking after her pups who are now six weeks old ,Sky had the call from Farmer Ed to help with an emergency situation on the farm. One of next door lambs had run straight into the farms carp pond and was firmly embedded right in the middle amongst some lily pads.  With a crowd watching, Sky leaped into the pond and after being told to "Come Bye" she swam across the pond and after giving the lamb a bite to get it going, pushed it towards the bank where it was caught and returned to its own farm. It's a busy life being a sheepdog !


Sky's Accident

 Unfortunately, Sky was involved in a very nasty road traffic accident when she was 11 months old. She was transferred from our local vets to a specialist vet clinic in Swindon where she had two major operations and emergency blood transfusions. After two weeks she came home and has lots of serious rehabilitation to do. She had one leg in plaster with lots of nuts and bolts helping to mend her legs. The good news is that she is expected to make a full recovery although she won't be chasing any sheep for a good few months. Watch this space for updates on her recovery.


Sky's Progress - December 19th

Sky has just returned from her 6 week check in the specialist vet clinic in Swindon where she had her two operations. Some of the external bolts holding her leg in place have now been removed although she still has 4 more bolts inserted. She is beginning to put some weight on the leg. Her next appointment is in mid January when she hopes her leg will be fully healed and all the bolts and metalwork will be removed. She hopes to be up and running to help farmer Ed during lambing which starts on Febuary 6th.

January 16th 2008

 Today saw Sky's final trip to the clinic at Great Western Referrals in Swindon where she had the last remaining external bolts removed from her leg. The break has now healed so with luck and physio, she will regain use of her leg even though one of her toes is missing. 

 January 20th

Sky is now officially a sheepdog again. She helped farmer Ed move 60 lambs this afternoon and as soon as she realised that she was allowed to run, remembered all the commands as if she had never been away. Quite Amazing !

Summer 2008

Sky is now flying through her training although she still wears a protective boot. The farms sheep definately know who the boss is.



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