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Meet the new bottle feeding team

Summer 2019 Join us at 11am daily for our milking show . Watch our New Jersey cow up close...


Whats Happening

Down in the farmyard, spring is a busy time of year !

Lambing at Court Farm

Lambing Has now started

 Lambing 2016 started on Jan 30th with a set of texel quads - now on show in the saloon barn. We have approx 150 lambs due to be born over the coming month.

At Court Farm, we have a posh flock of pedigree Texel sheep (some of them are daughters of the most expensive sheep in the world - he sold for £128,100). They lamb inside in February and March. In the summer you may see Farmer Ed preparing some of the rams for shows or sales.

We also have a flock of crossbred ewes on the farm who produce their lambs in late march and early April. If you visit us in the spring you will see some of the 120 lambs which are born each year. You may even be lucky enough to see some born. 

All summer long you can bottlefeed lambs at 11.30 and 3 o`clock each day and learn some amazing woolly facts.


Pigs at Court Farm


Piglets are the cutest, most amazing babies you will ever see !

Our pigs are called Sally and sue. They are both Saddlebacks who came to the farm in 2012 and had Their first litters of 12 piglets last summer. 

Later this summer we hope to be getting another pig just before she gives birth.

Pigs are very clever creatures and roll in mud to keep cool and to protect themselves from the sun. They also brush their teeth by chewing stones. 


Easter Treasure Hunt


Cows at Court Farm

It`s Calving Time

Our pedigree Devon cows have started calving .

Our cows and calves are still inside the barns so youcan view the new arrivals as soon as they are born.

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Birthday Parties

Yes mums - instead of a house full of screaming kids, bring them to the farm and be a bit less stressed

We will provide chairs, tables and tablecloths and the venue- you provide the party food 


Go on Safari

Travel around the farm in style !

A firm favourite with younger kids. Its also a good chance to chat with Farmers Ed and Peter as they drive you around the farm